October 29, 2011

Useful Online Web Apps

  1. Photoshop.com: It is online version of Adobe Photoshop. It offers free registration and 2GB of storage space for saving your data. It also offers mobile version for Windows mobile.
  2. Prezi.com: It is a web application tool for presentation and storytelling. Instead of No. of one by one slides it uses a single huge canvas with zoom option on important content. Canvas allows you to create a non-linear presentation.
  3. SpyPig: It is a simple tool that let you track your email and notifies you when your recipient opens your email. Very useful tool specially when you are waiting for reply from someone to any of your very important email.
  4. Penzu: It is a online personal diary app with UI similar to your writing pad. Also you don’t need to worry about your privacy or security as it uses military-grade encryption and 256-bit SSL encryption.
  5. Torrent2exe: It is a very unique and nice tool which let you determine your torrent and obtain an executable file that will download your torrent. Very useful for sharing files on blog or with friends without making them bother of installing any client software.
  6. Windows Live Mesh: It let you access your documents, photos and all kind of files from anywhere. It supports both PC and Mac and also offers cloud storage and remote desktop.
  7. Ge.tt: It allows you to share files on net very easily and instantly. There is no size limit and the best unique feature of this web app is you can share the download link and the person can start downloading file even when uploading process is still going on.
  8. RescueTime: This tool let you keep a track of how you spend your daily time on computer and the Internet. You don’t need to provide any information or answers to all stupid questions. It simply runs in background of your computer. It is really helpful tool to stay productive on the web.
  9. PDFescape: With this tool you can fill PDF forms, edit PDF files, add links and add, erase or edit text. It allows you to completely annotate and manipulate PDF files.
  10. Joongel: When you are looking for some information on internet and you are not getting it even after trying all different keywords on search engine like Google you can use this tool. It allows you to search information in top 10 websites in different categories. It have total 23 categories and 10 top websites in every category. A very easy way of finding content on net.
  11. JotForm: It is very easy online tool to create feedback and survey forms. Also very helpful for bloggers to create contact forms. It offers very powerful functionality with simple drag and drop method.
  12. Grooveshark: This web tool let you search and play online music, offers music streaming service and music recommendation. It allows users to upload, play and add music files to playlist instantly free of cost.

This are some apps and services freely available on web. If you know any other services and apps please do share with us.

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  1. A good online todo list is http://todolistme.net
    Very simple and elegant to use with a full drag and drop interface and some funky features such as template lists and the ability to put tasks off till tomorrow.

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