June 30, 2011

X.CO Another URL Shortening Service

X.CO Another URL Shortening ServiceMany times you want to compress your big URL, means you wanna make them short in order to email them or sms

June 25, 2011

Team Viewer App For Android Released

Team Viewer is a very popular desktop client enabling you to use another's desktop right from your own computer. Its basically used by professional to repair any kind of problems

Bulk SMS Service From Google

Google LOGOGoogle popularly known as the God of Internet and their services provides the best user experience like Gmail, Orkut, Blogger and many more free services

June 24, 2011

MapMyIndia: Google Maps Alternate For India

MapMyIndia is the best alternate available for Google maps for India. If you are an Indian citizen and you want exact location tracking for your route than MapMyIndia is the best alternate. you can simply search for

June 23, 2011

Brand Your Work With Stampaxx

Branding your work can be really helpful in order to copyright your content. Now you can brand your work with some coolest stamps made by Thomas and Mike for all of you for Free. All stamps are free and can be

10 Exclusive Tricks For iPhone

Below are some of the best and exclusive tips right for your iPhone just have have a look @ all of them may you get some best usability from them.

June 22, 2011

FaceTweak: Ultimate Firefox Plugin For Facebook

As the name comes in Face it sounds like it has something in it which deals with Facebook so here we bring you another Facebook Plugin which makes your Facebook Experience a lot better. This tweak or plugin has

SpeedyFox: Firefox Speed Booster

FirefoxIs your Firefox working slow. Does it opens in a lazy manner and slows down your work than we have a special tool for all of you SpeedyFox, is a simple utility which

June 21, 2011

Formatting NON-MULTIMEDIA Nokia Phones

Formatting NON-MULTIMEDIA Nokia Phones Well many you have problems with your phone you get it stucked or it hangs due to some internal problems well somehow someone gets some

8 Best Android Games Download

Below are the links for the extreme Android Games Experience just have Fun Downloading them all.

June 19, 2011

How to Disable Facial Recognition in Facebook

Disable Facial Recognisation BloggerFacebook has introduced a new feature in Photo Tagging option which automatically tags your friends with Facial Recognition Technology. Well

June 18, 2011

Convert YouTube Videos to Mp3

Now you can your YouTube videos to Mp3 in any easy way wit TuneTune. Visit website copy/paste the YouTube video link and click convert and than download now simply enjoy the and have FUN.

June 17, 2011

Easy Way to Track Post Views in Blogger

Track post views in bloggerWell if you want track post views in blogger .: Tacking post views means checking how many time your post has been read by people. This can be


Now you can turn your phone into a webcam. Use the camera of your mobile phone as a web camera, here is how you can do it. No need to buy anything, just convert your mobile camera into webcam

June 16, 2011

X7.to: 5GB File Hosting Service

A good file hosting service is really hard to find because the one you find either feds you up with their annoying Pop Ups or force you to sign up for their premium membership so we found a new file hosting website which is

June 15, 2011

Record & Send Voice Message Status in Facebook

MyMic Facebook Voice Status UpdateNow you can update your Facebook Status with your own voice dubbed in it its really fun to say some thing instead of writing that out. So there is an app which will help you to this its really FUN maybe you will love this follow the below steps to get to know more about this amazing app.
Follow the below steps to update your Facebook Status in your own voice .:
1. Go to this Application Called MyMic
2. Sign In and Click Allow button and wait for 5 sec.
3. Now click Start Recording Button
4. Press the Red Button to Start Recording
5. Now just last step is to share this voice message with your friends or update your status.

Blockbuster Movie every month on YouTube

Now you can watch a blockbuster movie every month on YouTube box-office channel. Every month you can watch a new Hindi movie, this month latest movie

June 14, 2011

Get Right Suggestions from People all over the World

Do you have some Geeky questions in your Mind well it can be about using any software or you have any errors in your Computeristic Mind which you wanna clear so today I came through website called

How to Activate Windows 7 & Windows Vista

Hello everyone today I will tell you how to activate windows 7 or windows vista with a simple application called windows loader , this awesome software is created by Daz thanks for his hard work this software had

June 13, 2011

PastPosts: What you did 1 Year Ago on Facebook

Have you ever wondered what you did 1 year ago on Facebook ya that’s right what you did one Year ago on Facebook did you cramped some ugly statuses or uploaded some nasty images or something more crappy

PDF Reader • Editor • Form Filler • Form Designer

Get all the PDF Tools with complete support that too completely online with PDFescape.com you can do anything with your PDF that too without installation. Creating PDF Files • Editing PDF Files • Online Form

June 12, 2011

Update Facebook From Twitter

A Smarter Way to update Facebook Status from Twitter now juts you have to visit this url and Login to your Facebook Account than you can connect your twitter account with it and hence update Facebook from

June 11, 2011

Get Windows XP Key From CD Itself

Windows XP Cd KeyThere is a very interesting way to Garb Windows XP installation Key which is always needed at the time of installation and many of you may

June 10, 2011

How to Find Drivers for Unknown Devices in Windows

Windows DriversEvery time you purchase nay New Device you get Drivers CD packed it for further installation but what if you loose the drivers or CD for that

Download all Freeware Apps for Windows with ZeuAPP

Description .: Zeusoft.net has released an very great application for windows users called ZeuAPP for installing all the freeware's right from their menu at once. This application have different categories in which

June 9, 2011

How to use TCP Optimizer to Optimize Internet Connection

As you all know and for those who don’t have idea about what is TCP Optimizer: TCP Optimizer is a Internet Optimization utility which changes Registry values to improve the speed of your Internet Connection. Now well many of you have used this thing and got a view of satisfaction after using this and let me say this utility really works if configured correctly so today I will tell you how to use and configure TCP Optimizer to get the most out of your Internet Connection.
Follow the Below Steps to Configure TCP Optimizer .:
1. Download TCP Optimizer from Here ( For those who don’t have it )
2. Now if you are on Windows 7 or Vista than you have to open TCP Optimizer as an administrator for it to fully work. For Windows XP and other Os users just simply double click it to open.
3. Below is the Screen Shot .:
TCP Optimizer Settings
In the above screenshot as you can see that my slider is @ 512 Kbps which is the actual download speed my Broadband Provider is Providing so in this case you have to choose the correct and accurate download speed which you are getting from your Internet Provider so check it and apply it if you are getting 1 mbps than drag the slider to 1 mbps or if are getting below that than you know just drag it below.
4. Now just Tick Modify All Network Adapters and click Optimal Settings. Than just click Apply Changes.
5. After clicking Apply Changes you will get the dialog like below telling you to Backup and Applying Changes Prompt will work after clicking OK so Let the Backup remains Ticked and click OK.
6. Now after clicking OK it will tell you to Reboot the computer so just Reboot for it to take effects. That’s it guyzzz now just check your Internet Speed by going to www.Speedtest.net and well ya you can always check it before applying TCP optimization for checking out the real difference.

7 Facebook Privacy Checking Tools

Facebook Privacy Checking ToolsThere are many cases in which profile is hacked than there are certain problems when hacker claims to be you and messes with your Profile so it

June 8, 2011

Opera Mini for iPad Available for Download

Opera-MiniOpera developer of popular browser Opera Mini for Desktops and other platforms as released an stable iOS version for iPad and iPhone 4 retina

Google Toolbar 7.0.1710.2246

Google ToolbarNew version for Google Toolbar is released which contains some more extra features giving you more precise search feature and much

June 7, 2011

File2HD: Website Bulk Downloader

Want to extract all the links from the website and download them all together just use File2HD.com free

Best Cyber Cafe Software

Best Cyber Cafe SoftwareUpcoming Generation is the Cyber Generation getting Technology Freaks day by day so here is another software for all the cyber café

June 3, 2011

Improve your Phrase Pronunciation

Is your English not Too Good than you should try this free service which gives you the accurate measure about the Phrase you are going to speak or which you are going to make

June 2, 2011

Twimates: Free Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, Website Hits

Twimates is a new group or say community where social networking addicts (mainly from Facebook, Twitter, Digg, YouTube ) can show their interest. Here you do not need to invest a single penny like Twiends, But you

June 1, 2011

How to Upload MP3 Files to Flickr or Picasa Albums

While most people use Flickr for uploading photos and videos, one can also use photo sharing websites like Picasa or Flickr for hosting MP3 songs