April 18, 2011

Create a folder without a name

This trick will help you in creating a new folder without any visible name for it.So the folder goes
completely unnoticed.

So here are the steps to do it .:
Step 1: Select the file or folder you want to rename.
Step 2: press F2 or you can even go to rename option available in the actions.
Step 3:Press and hold any one of the the Alt keys and then type in 0160 from the num pad available at right end of your keyboard.
Step 4: Leave the alt button after typing the number, then automatically you will notice a space has been named for the folder.

Hence the simple reason this appears nameless because the folder is renamed into a single space.But if you want to create multiple folders without names in the same directory then you need to rename it to 2,3,4 or more spaces and son on by again typing in 0160 with alt pressed in.

So follow the steps below to create multiple folders without names in the same folder or directory .:
Step 5:Select the file/folder you want to rename in same directory, and click rename or press F2.
Step 6: Type in 0160 on the numpad by holding the Alt key.
Step 7 : Now release the Alt key and then again press Alt key and type i the same 0160 again to create double space name for the folder.
Step 8 : Now release the Alt key and press enter to see the second folder being named to 2 spaces without any names.
Step 9: To create more folders of the same type, then follow these steps again to create names with 3 or 4 or more spaces sequentially.
Unfortunately there might be problem in deleting these files, so reboot your system and start in safe mode and then you will be able to delete these files/folders.

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