April 25, 2011

Protect Your Email Account From Being Hacked:

hotmail-hacking-software-2Hack Proof: Here we will mention some most popular ways used to hack email accounts and the solution for such hacking techniques. I would say its
always a very easy task to protect your email account as most of the companies already have maximum security enabled at the server end. There are only some precautions you need to take while using your email for protection.
WEBSITE SPOOFING : Website spoofing is the act of creating a website, with the intention of misleading the readers. The website will be created by a different person or organisation (Other than the original) especially for the purposes of cheating. Normally, the website will adopt the design of the target website and sometimes has a similar URL. The solution is that..
  • Never try to login/access your email account from the sites other than the original site.
  • Always type the URL of the site in the address bar to get into the site. Never click on the hyperlink to enter the site.

USING KEY LOGGERS OR TROJANS : Protecting yourselves from a keylogger scam is very easy.Just install a good anti-spyware program and update it regularly. This keeps your PC secure from a keylogger. Also there is a program called Anti-keylogger which is specially designed to detect and remove keyloggers. You can use this program to detect some stealth keyloggers which remain undetected by many anti-spyware programs.
To keep your system from Trojans is to have an antivirus program that is being regularly updated. Here is our selection of best antiviruses for Windows 7.
Do you access your email from cyber cafes?  Then definitely you are under the risk of loosing your password.In fact many people lose their email account in cyber cafes. For the owner of the cyber cafe it’s just a cakewalk to steal your password. For this he just need’s to install a keylogger on his computers. So when you login to your email account from this PC, you give away your password to the cafe owner. Also there are many Remote Administration Tools (RATs) which can be used to monitor your browsing activities in real time.

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