April 29, 2011

Get Rid of the Recycle Bin on your Desktop:

Recycle-BinHere is a way to remove the recycle bin from your desktop. This trick
help’s people who want to get rid of the recycle bin on the desktop.
1. Go to start, Run, Type “gpedit.msc” (Type without quotes)
2. On the left panel, under User Configuration expand the treeAdministrative templates
3. Click on the subtree desktop (single click, do not expand it)
4. On the right panel, Select the option-Remove Recycle Bin icon from desktop properties
5. Double click the option, on the settings tab just select the option enabled, press OK & exit the window.
6. Refesh the desktop (press F5), Your Recycle Bin vanishes. If not you need to log off and then re-login.

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