April 15, 2011

Hard Format ur Nokia Phone without any Software

This for those who are unable to format their phone due to Virus which is just making your phone to go down and down so here’s the Tricks for almost all the Nokia Phone’s. It works with some key combination as
explained below so just check it out and have FUN well this trick can also be used @ your enemies as it does not asks for the PIN Code and starts formatting @ Click.

Warning .: Make sure you have backed up everything contacts,Messages and everything which is really important to you.
Procedure .:
1. Switch off your Phone.
2. Remove SIM Card and Memory Chip
3. Now press and hold these keys 3,*,call green. Then without leaving these three buttons press power button, It will start formatting function.
5. It must show you formatting screen, wait for formatting to be finished.
6. That’s it DONE.

So your Hard Format is just completed and now you can restore all ur Backup which you had crated and enjoy your Fast Phone.

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