July 18, 2011

Backup & Restore Mobile Sms, Contacts, Settings using Nokia Pc Suite

Backup your phone data to pc without worrying about your data on phone. Sms, Contacts, Bookmarks and other setting on phone are very important for me, So its necessary for me to have backup of my data.If for
any reason you lost your phone contacts or accidentally Contact gets deleted, you can restore it back.

Why Backup and restore Mobile Data ?
Nothing is safe in this world, If your mobile get infected you have to format your mobile which will delete your data too Or If your data have accidentally deleted, you have no option except regretting your self.

Steps to Backup & Restore Mobile Data...

Create Backup of Mobile Data
1} Connect mobile to pc using Nokia Pc Suite,if you don't have download from Nokia Website
2}Now Open Backup(Content Copier) from Nokia Pc Suite Or Go To File>>Backup.
3}Now there is two option of Backup and Restore,Click on backup.
4}Check the box which you want to backup such as Sms,Contact,Notes,etc and click Next
5}Store the backup where you need for eg C:\nokia backup\myfirstbackup.nbu
6}And Back created successfully

Restore Data To Phone

1}Open Backup(content copier from Nokia Pc Suite)
2}Click on restore option
3}You can either Scan Pc for Backup file saved with file name .nbu Or You can manually give Path as we used earlier i.e C:\nokia backup\myfirstbackup.nbu

4} Select the checkbox what you want to restore and click on next.

5} Now, If everything goes correct and done successfully your phone asks to restart and you might see this screen and its done...


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