July 5, 2011

How to test your Anti-Virus Program

How to test your Anti-Virus ProgramAnti-Virus is the main protecting shield for your PC. People who use to surf continously may have a high dangers from getting infected online. So
Anti-Virus program must be configured correctly so now if you want to check if its really configured ok or not or want to check about how its working than we have a solution this thing.
Follow the below steps to check your Anti-Virus Working easily .:
1. Open Notepad and paste the below line into it :
2. This above text line or testing agent is created by the EICAR Company so now just try to save this file as anything.
3. If your Anti-Virus program is working great than it will not allow you to save this above file and ask you to delete it, and if it does not give any warning about the file than its simply not working and you have install another one.

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