July 14, 2011

How to use Indian Rupee Symbol in Computers

 The history was created on July 15, 2010 by presenting long awaited Indian currency symbol. But as stated by the Government of India, You may have to wait for at least one year before you get keyboards for your
computers with the new Rupee symbol. However, a firm called Foradian Technologies Pvt Ltd, a Mangalore-based firm, has created a new font called the Rupee_Foradian. With the help of this font you could add new Indian rupee symbol in the document files

However, This Font have a drawback, they added the symbol key in place of Single Quote (which is below the Esc key). Since the single quote key is rarely used, they used this key to use as rupee symbol but what if the user have to type single quote. Eventually user ended up by changing font to some other font to type single quotes and again have to change the font to Rupee_Foradian, if user needed to type the rupee symbol.
I received many mails and queries regarding this font. I newer posted article on the same, since i was not comfortable in using the symbol by foradian and nor the user would be. I waited for better solution and finally there is some good news


Finally, The Foradian have came up with new way to implement the font. Since, UTC accepted code position U+20B9 for the character of Indian Rupee Sign. This means that we could use the rupee symbol around the world without deviating from Unicode standards. However, It would take time to implement rupee symbol to ISO Standard and to all fonts. You can download the New font from Foradian but using font  with the default keyboard will not be that ease. Foradian have came up with solution for this problem, Download the font from Foradian website, Download the Font. Follow the instruction given on their site to install the font and keyboard layout. If you need to type single quote instead of symbol just change keyboard layout from below language bar on the taskbar.
Note: If you see Square instead of symbol while pressing single quote, then please check whether the font selected is "Rupee Foradian Standard" or font with new rupee symbol at U+20B9.