July 7, 2011


What is Google Plus

Did you heard about Google plus?If not,the one word which is going to sound on following days is Google
Google Plus is a new social network from the Family of Google.Google is now answered the question “Facebook is there Why we need Another social network?”.The answer is in the form of Google Plus .Yeah, Google Plus utilizes the all the draw backs of Facebook and going to launch the full version soon.
What are the things you are in Facebook is available in Google Plus with higher security.Google + is rich with the graphic interface.

Most of us left Orkut due to its loading time,But you never leave Google+ due to the same reason.Google made a special care on loading time makes Google+ a perfect one.
Google+ having video chat option,there up to 25 friends can chat at a time.Also the text chat is avail with it.Not like Facebook’s dim chat.
Google Plus is collection of circles.Where you can create your own circles to share your thoughts.Google also take a step in the security which beats Facebook.
In the Following days the Google plus becomes the Coffin of Facebook…Mark Zukerberg has to work hard to keep peoples with Facebook.
Google Plus is now running as trial one you can access it by following https://plus.google.com/ .Make your circles and share your thoughts with higher security and with more Fun.
Anyway I think Facebook will become an another Orkut…
More tricks and tips about Google +1 social network will available in Future posts.

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