July 3, 2011

How to Hide Pictures in iPhone

How to Hide Pictures in iPhoneYou may not be hide your pictures in your iPhone but we have a simple way for hiding them. This can increase your privacy as if anyone can
check your images but with this trick your images will be safe from the strangers eyes.
For this you need a computer if you do not have any file manager installed on your iPhone.

Follow the below steps to hide your images in iPhone .:

1. Just connect your iPhone to your computer.

2. Now open your Apple iPhone from the My computer ( Do not open it in iTunes )

3. Now you will see the DCIM folder in it in which all your pictures will be there.

4. Just cut the image which you wanna hide and simply paste it outside the DCIM folder, you can create a new folder if you want to manage your pictures.

5. Now your images will be hidden from your iPhone photos folder, but these are accessible from your computer.

6. These same steps can be done through a File Manager which you can install from Cydia by searching iFile.

That’s it now you have a proper guide on hiding your images from the strangers eyes, try it out and have fun hiding some of them. If you liked this post you can like it below to share it and +1 this too.

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