May 2, 2011

Earn money by Receiving SMS

No wonder that you can now make money just by receiving promotional text messages on your mobile and doing nothing. There are few Indian companies and websites that pay you few paisa for
each promotional SMS they send out to you after signing-up with them. In simple words, such initiatives can be another hi-tech mode of advertisement.
earn by sms
Well, if you think these promotional SMS will piss you off, then its not the case. It is completely your choice on, how much SMS to receive and at what time. You’ll be paid for the number of SMS sent to you multiplied by the fixed rate they pay for each promotional SMS they send.
Also, you are paid some extra money for each person invited using your referral. So, personally speaking, its like making money even while you sleep. ;)
Here are few such websites/companies that pay you for receiving SMS.

Websites that Pays for receiving SMS:


mGinger is one of the early entrant in such an initiative and believed to be one of the most reliable company for making money by receiving SMS.
  • Earnings: 10 paisa for each SMS you get and 5 paisa for each SMS sent to people you referred.
  • Referral bonus: Rs. 2 per person that opens an account with your referral
  • Payout amount: You must have accumulated earnings of Rs. 300 to receive your cheque
  • Registration


Youmint is another popular service that pays for receiving SMS.
  • Earnings: 20 paisa for each SMS you receive and 10 paisa for each SMS that your referral gets
  • Payout: As in the previous case, you get paid only if you accumulate Rs. 300
  • Registration

Few others:






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