May 20, 2011

Translate your Video in any Language

Now you can easily share your video content in any language! dotSUB makes it simple to create and view captions and subtitles in multiple languages. These subtitles can be viewed anywhere your video travels - on
websites, blogs, and mobile devices.

Upload your video

Dot Sub Uploading your videos is quick and easy. Here's how:
  • Select any digital file (up to 2GB)
  • Tell us about your video
  • Choose your privacy settings
  • Click 'upload file'
That is it, you're done! When your video is ready we'll send you an email.

Transcribe your video

Dot Sub Next, write up all the dialogue, or transcribe it. Here's how:
  • Select the "transcribe" option
  • Start typing
  • When you are finished click "complete"
That's it, you're done! Now your video can be translated/subtitled into any language. So go ahead and start transcribing!

Translate your video

Dot Sub Now that your video has been uploaded and transcribed, it is ready to be translated/subtitled.
  • Select the "translate" option
  • Choose a language from the drop down menu
  • Hit the translate button and start translating!
The translation tool is easy to use. No experience is necessary and several people can translate a video at the same time. So get your friends together and give it a try!

Share your video

Dot Sub Now you are ready to share your video with family, friends, fans, or the world! dotSUB makes it easy to get your video message out to lots of people. Here's how:
  • Open the "share" tab your video page
  • Select to embed the player featuring your video onto a website or blog
You can also share videos on social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

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