May 22, 2011

Reliance 3 New Services Launched

Reliance Free TalktimeAs you know after the mobile portability service launched people and all the worthy customers rushed towards the Best Operator
their Friend could suggest them so in that thing Reliance lost 3 Lac Customers and Airtel and Vodaphone gaining their old customers so to keep their left out customers happy reliance revealed some new services which are giving quit satisfaction to all the customers having Reliance SIM so check all the Schemes and Recharges Reliance is giving to all the GSM Customers.
ERecharge of 195 .: Get Reliance to Reliance Unlimited Calls for 30 days + 195 Local Minutes for 30 Days.
ERecharge of 16 .: Full talktime means 16 = 16 STD/Local for 2 Days.
ERecharge of 49 .: Reliance to Reliance Local Free Unlimited Calls for 7 days.
So all the Reliance Customer go Rush towards your recharge dealer and grab one of the above scheme before Reliance Terminates them.

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