May 23, 2011

Increase Facebook & Twitter Followers with Twiends

TwiendsTwiends has been built to provide twitter and Facebook users with a compliant, ethical, and responsible way of growing their online
communities. As twitter grows in popularity and stature, it gets to define a number of the rules by which people may use the service. Twitter was built in 2006 to answer one simple question, "what are you doing?". Over the last few years it has grown to become an important form of communication between people.
The benefit of being able to influence and communicate to a large audience is well known, and because of that an incentive to grow these audiences will always exist. Unfortunately, some groups will attempt to grow their audiences via any means possible, including means that can be considered unethical, a violation of twitter's terms of service, or in some cases criminal too. decided to make its mark in the twitter ecosystem by being the "good" community growing service. We recognized that our long-term success would only come about if we played by ALL the rules, consistently and fairly. Our number one priority is to always take our guidance from twitter and to conform to their terms of service always. We recognize that failure to do this will result in our service not enduring through the years. Here are some of our (and their) guiding principles.
Follow the Below steps to Gain some More Likes on your Facebook Page and increase Twitter Followers .:
1. Go to Twiends
2. Register with a valid Email Address
3. After Successful Verification go to their website and open the Facebook tab
4. Now just add your Facebook page you want to gain more likes to
5. You will get some 50 – 100 free seeds from Twiends these seeds are also known as Credit by which you will purchase their likes they have purchasing system too but if you want to get it for free than you have to work hard with their service.
6. Well you can decide how much you want to pay for each like like 2 – 10 Seeds. ( Depend on you )
7. You can gain Free Seeds just for liking Others Facebook Pages, Following Their Twitter Accounts or Watching YouTube Videos.
8. The one I personally recommend is to like the Facebook pages as they pay higher like 9 seeds for one like so that’s good.
So Register today and gain some popularity.

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