May 16, 2011

Online Digital Tools for a Social Media Freelancer

Online Tools I have been putting together a list of websites and services i use that help me through that day to day - I'll keep adding to this list and will
put a link on the new version of the site so that new social media creators and creative find some great web tools to help them live in the cloud - what do you use?
social network maintenance and building.
http://www.flowtown.comcampaign management based on criteria to send out time delayed messages 
http://www.wufoo.commy forms management for feedback or signup so people can follow what i'm working on
http://www.mailchimp.comreally nice forms for sending out to groups of people special offers or training
find and follow people on twitter. good follow suggestions system
making media and creation
recording audio live podcasts on my iphone or android based phone.
conversion between different formats (bambuser flv > convert to mp4)
graphics, logos and other cheap less than $5 jobs (pay via paypal)
distributed note taking application for keeping notes and drafts for blogs. 
distribution, broadcasting services.
fantastic fast blogging via email with great autoposting
great drag and drop and iphoto integration rapid distribution of media.
spread to multiple targets
64kps 50 person listener mp3 stream audio streaming/events/etc
over 18 different video hosting sites at once.
spread message to dedicated group that other services do not cover
send message out to multiple twitter accounts
time delayed tweets slow release (sometimes multiple accounts)
tracking and monitoring tools.
a once a week/month check to see how your presence is doing.
track your keyword mentions around the internet
day to day client monitoring of jobs and timescale tracking
for monitoring my ec2/s3 instance and other clouds we are using.
bind all your social services together as a backup and search them
media and social awareness collection
download regular show updates to main machine for viewing content at home
video chat for interactive weekly catchups
great for listening to internet radio but also 'recording!'
webhosts and hosting providers
low cost good uptime provider with awesome control panel
scalable on demand cloud with great control panel
uk dedicated provider for long term standalone clients
dashboard to my ec2 instances and s3 storage
offsite backing up of macbook pro and macpro for $10 a month
cloud hosting up to a 100gb of files between your machines
cloud password storage system for login to websites $12 a year (bargain)
audio storage for podcasts, interviews
invoicing my clients
automated invoicing and billing with recurring billing.
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