May 17, 2011

Top 4 Costless Image Hosting Sites


BayImg is one of the best free image hosting sites on the web. Made by the people who created The Pirate Bay. BayImg’s motto is: “Free Uncensored Image Hosting,” and they dwell heavily on that. BayImg allows
any image that is legal, as long as it is not at all pornographic in any manner.
Another great thing about BayImg is that it currently supports over 140 image formats, and has support for RAR and ZIP archives (with images).  Each image is given a removal code, built-in image resize and tags. Maximum file upload size is 100mb, yet they do not support direct hotlinking.


PiccDrop is a simple and easy to use free image hosting site that nearly re-defines simple. The home page displays a single “Browse” button that allows you to search for an image and, of course, upload it. The simplicity, though, should not be overlooked. PiccDrop currently has support for over 50 image formats and allows users to upload images of up to 6mb and 15mb for free registered users that are hosted forever.
Unlike, BayImg, PiccDrop allows direct hotlinking to their image for use anywhere on the web, blogs, etc., and allows users to upload an unlimited amount of images without registration. The only restrictions are that the images do not contain pornographic themes. If you are looking for a free and simple image host, PiccDrop may be one of the best options.


Picamatic is a flash based free image hosting site that makes it extremely easy for users to upload images. The homepage consists of different boxes able to be clicked on that automatically upload your image and give you links to your image. Users may also upload images from a URL if they like. Although only JPEG, PNG, and GIF image formats are supported, images are hosted forever, and have a maximum upload size of 3mb. Other Features include: html/bbcode, ability to delete images, etc..


Last, but most certainly not least, is Imgur. Imgur is another quite simple image hosting solution that is ideal for the occasional Twitter/Reddit image uploader. Imgur supports all common image formats, allows images of up to 10mb to be uploaded, allows hotlinking, and features statistics from an image homepage.  If all you need to do is share that quick image with a friend on IM, etc., than Imgur is definitely a viable option.
Hope this helps some of you find the best sites for uploading images online. What do you use to upload/host images? Tell us in the comments.

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