May 17, 2011

Unmask Short URL’s like Etc.

Many Websites give some short Links which have some huge surprises beyond them which are entirely hidden so what if you can Unmask that Short URL and get the original URL in front of you without clicking that URL Ya that’s right with you can attempt to do this kind of activity.

Things you will need .:
1. A Short URL ( It can be,TinyURL or any else )
2. Web Browser with Internet Connected.
How to make Short URL LONG .:

1. Just grab a short URL maybe this one this short URL is for my website.
2. Now just copy and paste the above URL the one and simply paste that URL on 
3. Now juts simply press make longer and you will have a short URL Unmasked now just enjoy and have FUN Smile  unmasking every URL.
Where to Use this service : Many times you may have some suspicious guess about a Violated URL which you might want to unmask before visiting it so that's the exact place where you need to use this kind of service.

1 comment:

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