June 14, 2011

How to Activate Windows 7 & Windows Vista

Hello everyone today I will tell you how to activate windows 7 or windows vista with a simple application called windows loader , this awesome software is created by Daz thanks for his hard work this software had
been updated time to time so their could be a new version well you can download v2.02 from below and follow the steps to Activate your Windows 7.
Description .: this application bypasses the Microsoft WAT ( Windows Activation Technology ) and activated your Windows 7 or Vista in few minutes. The main working of this application is when it injects SLIC ( System Licensed Internal Code ) and this is what fools Microsoft to think that your windows is genuine.
Activating Windows 7 and Windows Vista
Things you will need .:
1. Windows 7 or Windows Vista installed
2. Windows Loader by Daz v2.02 [Download Here]
Pass: hackinguniversity.blogspot.com
3. Internet Connection to check whether Windows Activated or Not.
Procedure .:
1. Right click and Run this Application as administrator
2. Then simply click Install and that’s it let it do his work and then your system will Reboot and you will get your windows activated.

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