June 19, 2011

How to Disable Facial Recognition in Facebook

Disable Facial Recognisation BloggerFacebook has introduced a new feature in Photo Tagging option which automatically tags your friends with Facial Recognition Technology. Well
this can be said as a good feature by many Facebook Fans but there are quit of them those who wanna get rid of this feature so follow the below guide to get to know how to disable Facial Recognition in Facebook.
Procedure to Disable Facial Recognition in Facebook .:
1. Go to your account.
2. Click "Privacy Settings".
3. Click on "Custom Settings" at the bottom.
4. Scroll down to "Tip my friends the pictures where I appear."
5. Click "Change Settings".
6. Click on the dropdown "Enable".
7. Choose "Disable"
8. Validate by clicking on "OK"
That’s it now Facial Recognition Tagging is Disabled.

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