June 9, 2011

7 Facebook Privacy Checking Tools

Facebook Privacy Checking ToolsThere are many cases in which profile is hacked than there are certain problems when hacker claims to be you and messes with your Profile so it
would be great to check and measure what's the privacy score for your Facebook profile so that you can fix everything up and screw the hacker.
1. PrivacyDefender : Privacy is a simple Facebook app for evaluating your settings you just have to bookmark it and then when ever you visit Facebook just click it to evaluate and get results on what things are viewable by whom.
2. PrivacyCheck : Privacy Check is another very cool website which evaluates and gives your Facebook Privacy settings grades out of 21.
3. OpenBook : OpenBook is a simple way to check which statues are set for public viewing.
4. ReclaimPrivacy : this tool is just similar to PrivacyDefender you have to bookmarlet which you have to click while on facebook and it will evaluate and show Facebook Privacy Settings.
5. ProfileWatch : Its also similar to Privacy Check but it evaluates your Profile grading you from 10 Score the lower score you are more near to hacker’s next hack.
6. Zesty Facebook Privacy Checker : It’s a useful privacy checker that takes your username and then displays the comprehensive list of Facebook content that is set to public.
7. SaveFace : is a simple bookmarklet that evaluates your privacy settings. Unlike the tools mentioned above, it can even restore your settings to friends only. Here is how you use SaveFace:
  1. Drag the SaveFace bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar.
  2. You need to enter your privacy settings, and click on the SaveFace bookmarklet. Your settings will then be reset to “friends only.” This means that only your Facebook friends will be able to view your Facebook contact information, search settings, friends, tags and connections, personal information and posts. SaveFace’s script will take a little time to run, so you will have to be patient.
  3. Once the process is through, you can use anyone of the abovementioned tools to verify that your data is set to “friends only.”

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