June 22, 2011

FaceTweak: Ultimate Firefox Plugin For Facebook

As the name comes in Face it sounds like it has something in it which deals with Facebook so here we bring you another Facebook Plugin which makes your Facebook Experience a lot better. This tweak or plugin has
been created by Linkular and you can check its official website www.facetweak.com
Main Features of FaceTweak Plugin .:
1. Enables you to change your Facebook Theme to your customized one.
2. Helps you to automatically confirm friend requests.
3. Selecting all friends when suggesting your page to all friends.
4. Viewing all photos @ once.
5. Large version of photos in Facebook.
Themes Screens from FaceTweak .:
FaceTweak–Ultimate Firefox Plugin FacebookFaceTweak–Ultimate Firefox Plugin FacebookFaceTweak–Ultimate Firefox Plugin Facebook

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