June 11, 2011

Get Windows XP Key From CD Itself

Windows XP Cd KeyThere is a very interesting way to Garb Windows XP installation Key which is always needed at the time of installation and many of you may
don’t have that or may have misplaced that so now there is no need to worry you can get it right from CD itself just follow the below steps to grab it now.
Procedure for getting the Key .:
1. Just explore the CD itself by going to My Computer than right clicking the CD and click Explore.
2. Now just find and open the folder named i386
3. Find the .TXT file in it named UNATTEND.TXT well it will look like simple Unattend no problem just open it with Notepad.
4. Scroll it till the last line appears Voila !!! you have the Product Key written right in front of you.

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