June 21, 2011

Formatting NON-MULTIMEDIA Nokia Phones

Formatting NON-MULTIMEDIA Nokia Phones Well many you have problems with your phone you get it stucked or it hangs due to some internal problems well somehow someone gets some

solution to resolve the issues in Multimedia sets has they are manufactured with a factory reset option which is very useful in case of virus infected phones but what if you want to rest a Non-Multimedia phone as asked by Suryansh in Request Stuff category. So follow the below steps to reset a Non – Multimedia Phone like Nokia 1100 – 1200  - Etc.
Procedure to Reset Non – Multimedia Nokia Phones .:
1. On your Phone type this code #0737#* ( This is basically the Nokia Format Code )
2. Now it will ask for the Password Verification in case you have not changed the code than the default one is 12345 but in any case you changed that code to your liking ne than you have to spin your brain back in time to get the code.
Warning .: remember to backup your contacts and messages on your SIM as they will be Non – Recoverable after the Format so here we have done with the Post and I hope you all will have your Phone formatted up with this trick Muhahah…. just jockign so have Fun and Enjoy. 

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