June 16, 2011

X7.to: 5GB File Hosting Service

A good file hosting service is really hard to find because the one you find either feds you up with their annoying Pop Ups or force you to sign up for their premium membership so we found a new file hosting website which is
Free well you can purchase their premium Membership but they will not force you and you can upload upto 5 GB file @ one time which is Great you can back up stuff or upload movies the Blu Ray Ones or any kind of huge game you know you can do any things with this kind of file hosting website.X7.to 5 GB File Hosting
Procedure to Upload .:
1. Go to this website X7.TO
2. Click Upload and Upload your file which can be Upto 5 GB in size and Enjoy this free hosting website so have fun and do subscribe to our Newsletter to get more websites and Hacks like this right in your Inbox.

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